Experimental microsurgery DESCRIPTION

This course is a basic course in experimental microsurgery  with PhD student within the biomedical fields as a target group. There is no pre-requests for any previous surgery experience.

The course has both theoretical and practical part as well as a literature study on a topic pertaining to experimental surgery and microsurgery.

Topics that are covered:

Theory: anatomy (mouse and rat), anaesthesia, pre-, intra- and postoperative care, aseptic technique, surgical instruments, adjustment of operative microscope

Practical part: tissue handling and vascular dissection techniques, suturing techniques, catheters and catheterisation (vena cava, v. jugularis, carotid artery), exposure of vagus nerve, sampling and monitoring basic techniques for end-to-end anastomosis.

We use a combination of non-living  simulation models and anaesthetized rats for the practical training.