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Lars-Erik Gelin award – Professor Gabriel Gondolesi

The recipient of the second Lars-Erik Gelin Award, Professor Gabriel Gondolesi (Buenos Aires, Argentina) has recently visited Gothenburg. The COVID-19 pandemic put the initial visit plans in 2020 on hold, and the award ceremony was ultimately held online. The recent visit was related to the aniversary symposium “Twenty-five years of intestinal transplantation at Sahlgrenska University Hospital”, where Professor Gondolesi represented the Intestinal Rehabilitation and Transplant Association, but  Dr. Gondolesi found time to visit the laboratory of microsurgical training and meet with several members of the Scandinavian Microsurgery Academy.    

The 16th ISEM Congress is less than a month away at June 22-24 in a  beautiful Genoa, Italy.

ISEM Genoa 2023

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Microsurgery surgery techniques course

The 18th Microsurgery techniques course for clinically active surgeons starts on Monday the 22nd of May 2023

For information please contact: Kristina Larin

Telephone: +46-(0)31-3428530

Experimental microsurgery course

The 15th Microsurgery techniques course for clinically active surgeons starts on Monday the 20th of March 2023

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ISEM Newsletter June 2022

Experimental microsurgery course

The 14th Microsurgery techniques course for clinically active surgeons starts on Monday the 21nd of November, the course is fully booked

Microsurgery surgery techniques course

The 17th Microsurgery techniques course for clinically active surgeons starts on Monday the 7th of November

For application please contact: Kristina Larin

Telephone: +46-(0)31-3428530

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A new article published

Microsurgery training during COVID-19 pandemic: Practical recommendations from the  International Society for Experimental Microsurgery and International Microsurgery Simulation Society.
Mihai Oltean, Alexandru Nistor, Mats Hellström, Michael Axelsson, Shintaro Yagi, Eiji Kobayashi, Alberto Ballestin, Yelena Akelina, Norbert Nemeth.
Microsurgery. 2021;41:398–400.

Microsurgery training during COVID-19 pandemic Oltean et al Microsurgery 2021

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GP – 3 april

Lars-Erik Gelin var pionjär inom den svenska transplantationsforskningen. För att hedra hans minne tog Njursjukas förening 1981 initiativ till att skapa GelinStiftelsen. Sonen Johan Gelin tecknar här ett porträtt över fadern och hans livsgärning.

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In 2018 Scandinavian Microsurgery Academy  together with Gelin family has decided to honor Professor Gelin’s memory and pioneering contributions to Transplantation Research by creating the LARS-ERIK GELIN AWARD.

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An article published

The Vitom three-dimensional exoscope as a potential alternative in hand and microsurgery.


A newly developed 8K ultra-high-definition video microscope for microsurgery

Corresponding author, Eiji Kobayashi, Department of Organ Fabrication,
Keio University School of Medicine, Tokyo , Japan.

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ISEM newsletter 4, 2019

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Catania, 2018

Between October 9-11 Mihai Oltean and Mats Hellstr??m have contributed as invited lecturers and instructors to the course ???Experimental Microsurgery??? organized?? by the Department Medical,Surgical Sciences and Advanced Technologies of the School of Medicine at the University of?? Catania (Italy). This course was the first organized in Catania since 1986 and follows the inauguration of a large research complex including a facility for in vivo animal research ( . A large number of medical students and biomedical researchers have attended the lectures and six surgical residents participated in practical training in inanimate and living training models.

ISEM2018, Debrecen, Hungary


The??Scandinavian Microsurgery Academy awarded the??inaugural Lars-Erik Gelin Award??to Professor Eiji Kobayashi,??M.D., Ph.D., (Keio University, Tokyo, Japan)????with the motivation:

???for his long lasting contribution to experimental and clinical transplantation and distinguished mentorship in experimental microsurgery.???

Honorary membership

Two persons that have been vital for the development of the Scandinavian Microsurgery Academy where awarded a Honorary membership.

Mihai Ionac, professor, Dr,??Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Timisoara, Romaina.

Norbert Nemeth,??MD, PhD, MBA, med.habil, University of Debrecen,??Department of Operative Techniques and Surgical Research,??Debrecen,??Hungary.

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Defining Standards in Experimental Microsurgical Training: Recommendations of the European Society for Surgical Research (ESSR) and the International Society for Experimental Microsurgery (ISEM)

Tolba R.H., Czig??ny Z., Osorio??Lujan S., Oltean M., Axelsson M., Akelina Y., Di??Cataldo A., Miko I., Furka I., Dahmen U., Kobayashi E., Ionac M and Nemeth N.

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The microsurgical training programme in Gothenburg, Sweden: early experiences

Oltean M., Sassu P., Hellstr??m M., Axelsson P., Ewaldsson L.,,??Nilsson AG. and Axelsson M.

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